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Helpful Tips
People shop for wallets for, generally, two reasons.  First, they want to replace a wallet that is worn out, has been lost, or stolen.  Secondly, for special occasions such as a birthday, graduation, promotion, or anniversary.  As a gift, a wallet is one of the most practical and functional items you can choose - as long as you choose the "right" one.   

Here are some helpful tips to make buying the "right" wallet a little easier. 

1.  Men are quite traditional in their choice of wallets.  Even though fashion frequently changes, a
     man's choice of wallet stays pretty much the same.  We are talking about the design of the
     wallet, not the material.
     If the wallet to be replaced is all worn out and being held together with duct tape, this tells you 
     that the user really likes this wallet!  The best thing to do, for all parties concerned, is to just

                                            GET THEM THE SAME THING.

     Sound simple?  Its not.  How many times over the years have we seen people after buying a 
     wallet, come back to the store with this sad look on their face saying, "He doesn't like it, its not
     the right style.  He wants the one that does 'this'...", then they gesture to explain the wallet's
2.  If you are replacing an old wallet for someone, when its convenient, try to examine the 
     wallet so you are familiar with the design.  Most wallet designs have standard industry
     names such as bi-fold, tri-fold, L-shape, hipster, and so on.  If you are not able to see the wallet
     up close
                                                        ASK SOMEONE.

You will be surprised how many kids know what kind of wallet their Dad uses. 

3.  This next point is a critical one, and everyone thinking about buying a wallet for someone else
     needs to keep this in mind

                                        BI-FOLDS ARE NOT TRI-FOLDS AND VICE-VERSA.

Men who use bi-folds will not use tri-folds, and men who use tri-folds will not use bi-folds.  No
     matter how pretty or cool the material looks, if the design is not to the user's liking, it won't
     There are plenty of guys out there who have a new wallet given to them, and to maintain a
     certain degree of graciousness, they accept it.  But the new wallet ends up in a drawer, and
     the old wallet goes back into the pocket. 

Check back for more HELPFUL TIPS for choosing wallets, taking care of your wallet, and how to properly upgrade. 

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