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Helpful Tips II
If you have gotten this far you will have realized the wallets offered on this site are the type to be
carried, generally, in the back pocket of men's pants.  You may be surprised to know many women like this style because it is such an efficient design. 

The reason the L-shape design is so popular is because it offers many options to the user.  Currency dividers, ID windows, credit card slots, business card pockets.  Something for everyone. 

We have been discussing different ways to choose a wallet.  What we need to ask next is, 

                                     What is going to be carried in the wallet?

This is where people become confused as to the purpose and/or function of a wallet.  A wallet is not a briefcase, an organizer, a daily planner, or a handbag.  Yet, some wallets get so jammed full of stuff its nearly impossible to fold it, and harder yet to fit into a pants pocket. 

A wallet is a personal accessory designed for convenience.  I will translate that by providing this
simple rule:                     

                                 Carry in your wallet only what you use on a DAILY basis. 

If you use a lot of cash every day then you need a money clip, or a money bag.  If you use 10 credit cards every day then you need a credit card wallet.  If you carry a photo of every member of your family tree then you need a photo album. 

This is not to ignore the fact that we accumulate things.  Receipts, ticket stubs, business cards, notes, temporary forms of one type or another.  They all seem to end up in the wallet.  The problem arises when they stay there.  If you are like most of us, the next simple rule could be very helpful:

                                                       Clean out your wallet regularly.

You will find this new habit to be useful in a number of ways.  You can keep the content of your wallet manageable.  You can file items not current or not needed until later.  A slim wallet can stay slim.

You will also notice that a wallet not stuffed beyond its design cababilities will extend the life of the wallet. 

Check back for more HELPFUL TIPS for choosing wallets, taking care of your wallet, and how to properly upgrade. 

Thank you for visiting GEODINO.COM.                         

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