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Helpful Tips IV

Lets talk about what to consider when you want to upgrade your wallet.  First of all, what constitutes an upgrade?
An upgrade usually refers to an improvement in the quality of the wallet material.  Like going from a vinyl wallet to a leather one.  An upgrade can also refer to changing to a different design.  If a small wallet is no longer practical for what you need the wallet to do, then you need to "upgrade" to a model that has more features.  Like the word implies, it is a step up.  Like going from coach class to first class on the airlines.

When is a good time to upgrade?
Anyone can upgrade anytime they wish, but there are occasions when such a thing is quite natural.  Graduation, job promotion, wedding, birthday, anniversary, Father's Day are perfect examples. 

What should you look for when you upgrade?
If yiou are buying the wallet as a gift for someone, do not forget the lessons from Helpful Tips I.  If the user is happy with the design they have, then the hard part is over.  Now its just a matter of what kind of leather would the user appreciate.  If the user has a pair of Crocodile or Stingray boots, then the task should be much easier.
Color and Finish are areas where care should be taken.  Too bright and too shiny sometimes equates to Not Too Masculine.  There are exceptions, but generally, earth tones are preferred over pastels, and matte finish over glossy.

Look for a stamp inside the wallet that says "Genuine Leather".  If a wallet is the real thing, the manufacturer is not shy in saying so.  Its good for the consumer as well because there are lots of imitations in the marketplace that look like the real thing. and might be sold as the "real thing", but unless it says on the wallet itself, then Buyer Beware.  This applies to all specialty leathers as well.  If it doesn't say Genuine Sharkskin, Ostrich, Stingray, Crocodile, Lizard, Snakeskin, or whatever, then the chances are, its not.
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